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Allied Trucking & Maritime Services Ltd (ATMS) is a limited liability company incorporated in June 2004 under the laws of Jamaica. The company has its registered office at: Kingport Building, 5 Third Street, Newport West, Port Bustamante, Kingston. The company is owned and operated by three principals, each having in excess of twenty five years of experience in Haulage Services, Logistics, Port Management and Shipping Agency management.

We are a transport and logistics company which offers: Trucking, Stevedoring, and related services to charterers, agents, shipping agents, ship operators, forwarders and shippers.


As a haulage contractor ATMS offer island-wide trucking services on-behalf of importers and exporters, transporting containers and break-bulk.

The company owns and operates a fleet of sixteen Tractor Head units, one hundred and twenty 20' and 40' Chassis and Flatbed units. In addition we own and operate one 10 ton Forklift, as well as one heavy duty Lowboy unit.

Our Tractor Head units are all fitted with GPS Tracking Device, which are monitored from our main offices, as well as the provider of the security monitoring system. All our drivers are provided with closed used Group Company Cellular Phones for constant contact and information dissemination.

As a terminal equipment contractor we can also arrange to provide heavy duty forklifts, trucks and shore crane as required.

We also have National Contracts Commission Certification!

Insurance and Membership

All of our equipment is fully insured through Allied Insurance Brokers Ltd to cover all the attendant risks and exposures associated with the haulage business. A copy of our Insurance Portfolio can be provided to you for your perusal upon request.

ATMS is an approved Import and Export Trucker registered with the Port Authority of Jamaica. We are also members of the Shipping Association of Jamaica and the Port Trailer Haulage Association.

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Allied Trucking & Maritime Services Ltd
Kingport Building
5 Third Street
Newport West, Port Bustamante
Kingston 15, Jamaica
Tel: (876) 923–8418
OR: (876) 923–8487
Fax: (876) 923–2029

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