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To see the affordability of our services and prepare for payment, we have pulled together this rate chart for you to view before you make your decision. The continuing hike in the cost of fuel, lubricants, tyres and spare parts and constant increases in our general overhead expenses has forced us to make a decision to add a fuel surcharge.

Destination Rates per move & container, from Kingston port
(Rates quoted in USD are payable in Jamaican Dollars)

DestinationUsing Shippers ChassisUsing Haulers Chassis
Corporate Area$110.00-
Spanish Town$173.00-
N.M. Airport$173.00-
Old Harbour$242.00$282.00
Temple Hall$271.00$299.00
Bog Walk$282.00$311.00
Port Esquivel$259.00$294.00
Halse Hall$334.00$397.00
Morant Bay$386.00$414.00
**Serge Island$449.00$506.00
**St Ann's Bay$570.00$633.00
**Ocho Rios$610.00$667.00
**Port Antonio$667.00$713.00
**Discovery Bay$633.00$750.00
**Port Maria$713.00$759.00
**Bull Savannah$794.00$863.00
**Montego Bay$897.00$978.00
**Santa Cruz$713.00$794.00
**Black River$817.00$909.00
Chassis Rental$22.00(Per Day)
Mount & Ground$15.00(Each Way)

**Indicates areas where waiting time is allowed
Convertion at the market transaction selling rate published by bank of jamaica on the first day of each week.
Rates for areas not mentioned are available on request. These are minimum rates.

Cost Fuel Surcharge (Out of Town) J$
$70.00 - $75.00 per litre SURCHARGE OF 12%
$75.01 - $80.00 per litre SURCHARGE OF 15%
$80.01 - $85.00 per litre SURCHARGE OF 18%
$85.01 - $90.00 per litre SURCHARGE OF 21%
$90.01 - $95.00 per litre SURCHARGE OF 24%
Each movement of ex-refinery price of JA$5.00 will have an additional 3% of published rates.

Cost Fuel Surcharge (Round Town) J$
$70.00 - $75.00 per litre SURCHARGE OF US$8.00
$75.01 - $80.00 per litre SURCHARGE OF US$13.00
$80.01 - $85.00 per litre SURCHARGE OF US$18.00
$85.01 - $90.00 per litre SURCHARGE OF US$23.00
$90.01 - $95.00 per litre SURCHARGE OF US$28.00
Each movement of ex-refinery price of JA$5.00 will have an additional US$5.00 surcharge increase.

Flatbed Rate (Corporate Area)
Minimum rate is US$215.00 per trip or US$11.00 per ton or part thereof whichever be the greater. One hour off-loading is allowed. Should the flatbed be left to be picked up some other time, an additional charge of US$104.00 will apply and flatbed rental of US$20.00 per day or part thereof if the flatbed is kept beyond the first day.

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